Energy Independence


Solar Panels, When Combined With a Battery Backup, Makes a Highly Effective Way to Obtain Energy Independence.

Why install battery backup?

As solar panels become more popular, people who install energy storage systems are finding that these unique batteries allow them to make the most of their solar panels and save the energy produced for foggy, grey, or cloudy days, when panel output is reduced, or during power or grid outages.

Today’s solar batteries work like any rechargeable battery: they’re recharged by the sun’s power. When the weather is bad or the solar panels aren’t actively producing power, your home’s system draws on the power stored in the batteries.

This can be particularly useful if the utility company turns off power and you have medical devices or a CPAP machine that you need to power.

Battery backup allows you to stay powered when the grid fails.

Benefits of Battery Backup

With standard solar power setups, you install panels on your home and your system is plugged into the grid. If your panels, for whatever reason, don’t produce ample energy, your home draws on the grid to make up for the deficit.

You pay for this energy just like you would if you didn’t have any panels. If you produce more power than you need, you can sell it back to the grid, securing a discounted electric bill.

With batteries, though, your excess power is stored in the battery system. On cloudy days or days when your system doesn’t produce as much power as usual, you can pull from the batteries instead of the grid.

store and use your own excess energy

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